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We offer the best natural body contouring products and services that give women their most beautiful Silhouette without surgery.


Our focus is on delivering exceptional results in the shortest time possible, embracing trends and building women’s self confidence with their body image.

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My name is Erica, CEO of Opulent Necessities. I’m a certified Body Conturing Specialist that focus on reshaping and enhancing the women body in a non invasion way. 


After witnessing several women plastic surgery nightmares. I decided I wanted to be the cutting-edge option of surgery.


My passion is to provide natural products and services for all women to obtain her perfect silhouette that’s safe, healthy and delivers jaw dropping results.

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💜 Forget cultural rules, forget what you've learned. This body is yours & only yours

💜 You're not bound by anything; there are no instructions or guidelines. Just feel, and explore.

💜You're a woman and know what you want and how you want it from the shape of your breast to the curve of your waist, to your clothes' fit and style.

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